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Graham : For Abby

Like so many others, Abby fell for the Graham suite.
I asked her my favorite question:
Q: How do you want your event to feel?

A: I'm going for something that's fun, playful, and romantic, with just a hint of modern thrown in for good measure. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and we don't want our wedding to be super serious/black tie, either!
We encorporated her colors:
And she also wanted to encorporate a theme : CANDY! Right up my alley :)

The theme ties back to when she and her future husband were dating and he would bring a different type of candy every time they went on a date! They are including apothecary jars of candy as our centerpieces at their reception and wanted to tie the paper products into the theme as well. She sent me this image of 'old-fashioned' candy as a jumping off point.

I 'Fourth&Folded' that (yes, I'm turning myself into a verb) into this:
We've only completed the invitation components at this time, but look for more pieces in the future - including some 'sweet' signage :)


  1. Love this, Chelsey! I cannot wait to hire you to Fourth&Fold something for me :)

  2. So cute! I love how the nantucket pattern in hot pink kind of looks like good & plentys. :)