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Nautical Chic Bachelorette Invitations

First off, let me admit I took terrible pictures of these before they shipped out - I never claimed to be a great photographer, but they were too cute not to share.

Jessica of Penned and Pretty contacted me for invites for a bachelorette party she was throwing for her friend Debbie.  She and Debbie were in the same sorority, Delta Gamma, which has a lot of nautical sayings, meanings and history behind it. So, she wanted to throw her a nautical themed bachelorette party!

I used a preppy red and white stripe on the back, a little rope detail on the bottom and attached a tiny red laser-cut anchor with some blue and white baker's twine.

Although the envelopes look really dark here they are actually bright royal blue!

Nautical chic right?


  1. Oh my god, SO cute! I think I say this on every post, but I'm so ordering something from you the next time I have a reason to.

  2. SO CUTE!! I love the little anchor tied with twine.

  3. I thought the Bees were my favorite, but they just got bumped to second, these are so cute!

  4. LOVE these so so much (mostly because I was a DG, too)!!!

  5. LOVE LOVE THESE! (I'm also a DG :) so I'm biased)

  6. GORGEOUS! Holy wow I just want one of these for my house.

  7. These are really great DIY invitations. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my cousin’s bachelor party at one of finest venue New York. Prepared yummy good and colourful invitations for this party and invited all his friends. We all had an amazing party.